Bronze Age

In Comics

Roughly, the period of comics between early 1970s and the late 1980s. Protagonists during this period were usually normal men and women, but with much more diversity than in previous Ages. Power levels tended to be about what we are used to now, somewhere between the Golden Age and Silver Age levels. Heroes had one power that was utilized in a variety of ways and was also debilitating in some way, i.e. Cyclops couldn’t open his eyes without a special piece of equipment without obliterating the neighborhood, Beast and Nightcrawler looked monstrous, Rogue couldn’t touch another human being, etc.

An important aspect of the Bronze Age was Serious Issues. Mutants were used as a metaphor for every oppressed minority imaginable, heroes developed drug addictions, supporting characters contracted AIDS, and so on.

Another important aspect of the Bronze Age was the fads. Every passing fad got its own hero, Disco got Dazzler, karate gave us Iron Fist and Shang-Chi, blaxpoiltation movies gave us Power Man, and so on.

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Bronze Age

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